In 1918 a business initiative of Achaia Region founded the Federation of Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece, based in the city of Patras and area of ​​responsibility of the geographical regions of Peloponnese, Western Greece, Epirus and the Ionian Islands.

Main goals of the Federation are:


a.  The protection and promotion of economic, moral and professional interests of its members and the development of a spirit of solidarity and mutual support among them.


b. The study, promotion, support and contribution to the development of issues about the processing - industry and any related business with a permanent organization and legal entity contributing to its development and responding to individual functions of the industry, especially the organization, auditing, information technology, public relations, advertising and training for managers and employees in the processing - industry and scientific research to assist the work of industrial development.


Time passed and with the simultaneous admission of new industries within the Federation, the efforts for the promotion of the above goals are maintained unabated, while new significant goals are obtained, dictated in the light of socio-economic upheavals that are occurring.


For that reason, the Federation enhances the cooperation and dialogue between industry and the state, the other productive and social groups, highlighting the multifaceted contribution of private initiative in the welfare of society and defend the right to freedom of 'business', as one of the fundamental institutions that honors democratic societies and economies.


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