In 1918 a business initiative of Achaia Region founded the Federation of Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece, based in the city of Patras and area of ​​responsibility of the geographical regions of Peloponnese, Western Greece, Epirus and the Ionian Islands.


  •                 The protection and promotion of economic, moral and professional interests of its members and the development of a spirit of solidarity and mutual support among them.
  •                 The study, promotion, support and contribution to the development of issues about the processing - industry and any related business with a permanent organization and legal entity contributing to its development and responding to individual functions of the industry, especially the organization, auditing, information technology, public relations, advertising and training for managers and employees in the processing - industry and scientific research to assist the work of industrial development.
  •          The promotion of private businesses for making the general public aware of the importance of a free and growing society.
  • The establishment of a non-profit company for obtaining building that will house the offices of the Foundation and will be called the "Roof of the Industry".
  • The Representation in Greece and abroad (for example to the courts, to public authorities and to the various collective bodies) for industry in general and for and members of the Federation.
  • The negotiation and conclusion with any professional organization of workers of all kinds of collective agreements covering any employee, regardless of whether they are engaged in a major or minor projects of the employers or to projects serving them even indirectly, as well as involvement with the status of negotiating party in the process of mediation and arbitration or the status of parties in all courts of every degree of jurisdiction and competence including higher courts, in any procedure for settling collective disputes or check the validity of arbitration awards.
  • The Participation in European and international industrial and employers' organizations.
  • The Participation in national and international committees, councils, conferences, exhibitions and events connected with the objectives of the Federation.
  • The Participation and co-management of non-financed local, regional, national and European educational projects, business projects, public benefit projects, employability projects, entrepreneurship project etc.

The Federation seeks, by all legal and appropriate means to the purposes described in the previous paragraphs.

Today, the Federation of Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece, representing almost all of the manufacturing activity of the geographical area of ​​responsibility (with members more than 230 manufacturing companies), is one of the five (5) Regional Federations of the country.

It is the representative benchmark of entrepreneurship issues in the region for ninety-five years, with intense action, with broad aims and weighty position, but given the vitality of the sector it represents, expresses, while the unity of the industry, identity of aspirations, the firm decided to contribute, with long-term and stable objectives, to regain growth trajectory of the economy not only locally but also nationwide.


Members of the Federation are:

· Industrial and commercial enterprises that operate with private - economic criteria

· Greek sectoral, regional or local business organizations

· Companies whose activities meet the individual functions of the manufacturing project

Members of the Federation include much of the manufacturing units of the prefectures:









Arta, Preveza, Ioannina, Thesprotia

and has also members to the Ionian Islands, Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

The majority of the members of the Federation, according to their economic size and employment are classified as SMEs.


The Federation's work is constituted by multi various activities between that is the follow-up, study, research and promotion of subjects of enterprising initiative, the development culture of spirit of solidarity between the enterprises, the collaboration with the public authorities and the organizations of the employees for the strengthens of the social dialogue the attendance in national or international committees, in councils, expos and events, via that are fulfilled economic objectives, also and the growth of initiatives that aims and contributes to the promotion of the general interests of local and regional economy.

1. Service Provider to the members

Subjects witch it processes and it informs the Federation is:

- Regional Policy, Incoming Policy, Developmental Policy, Social Policy

- Working and Actuarial legislation, Health and Safety, Tax, Budgetarily, Investment

- Policy of imports-export, Financial Government owned Supplies. Energy

2. Representation

The representation for the solution of subjects of enterprising initiative in structures of State and in the social dialogue, it is included in the direct objectives of Federation.

It participates in institutional Committees, that function in the regions of his space of responsibility, it negotiates, it processes, it analyzes and submits argued proposals of expert, sector-based or national developmental interest to the structures of the states, with that it is found in continuous and smooth collaboration.

The Federation, with his representatives, participates in committees and institutions in the all Region of Peloponnese and Western Greece. (indicatively reported below)

Α. Institutions

In the General Council of the FoIThe A.C of the Chamber of Achaia. The A.C. of the Scientific Park of Patras To the Vocational Training Center SEV IVEPE To the A.C. Manufacture Park of Patras

Β. Committees

Intermediary Administrative Authority PEP PEDIN 2007 - 2013Committee of Research, Education, Technology, Innovation Western Greece Region. Regional Advisory Committee Western Greece Ν 3299/04Regional Committee Vocational TrainingAdministrative Authority European ProgramsFirst degree and Secondary committee of Protection trade Union Officials (Achaia – Aitol/nia)Committee of the Ministry of Labour issues (Achaia,Korinthia, Argolida, Ilia)Committee on Health and Safety of the work (Achaia, Korinthia) OAED – First degree Committee Ν. 2643/98 (Achaia, Korinthia) Advisory Committee of OAED (Regional Peloponnesus , Epirus , Local Achaias Aitol/nias, Korinthias, Arkadias, Ilias, Messinias)Regional Council of Agricultural Policy and FoodRegional Examining Committee of Certification of Western GreeceCommittee of Connection of the Education & Vocational with the Employability P. Αchaia.Advisory Committee for the Industrial Park issues Administrative Committee of ΙΚΑ ( Patron Aigiou Amaliadas Pyrgou)

C. Foundations

To the A.C. of the Galanopoulos bequestTo the A.C. of the Triandios School

3. Education

Also Services that are offered by the Federation to the executives of enterprises are education and training

Regularly it organises seminars on issues administration, communication, organisation, negotiations, productivity of work, National and European Programs etc.

4. Collaborations

For effective monitoring of general business matters and its direct contribution to the shaping of the general positions of the Greek Industry collaborates directly with other industry Federations in the country.

5. Enterprising Solidarity

Among the goals also promoted the Federation is to develop harmonious and mutual cooperation between businesses, the convergence of business goals , the exchange of experiences and expertise, believing that they constitute basic conditions of contribution in the development of the local and regional economic progress.


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